If you’ve never been to therapy before or you have specific questions I hope I’m able to answer them here.  If you don't find the information you're looking for, I welcome your call, email or text.  I’m happy to receive your connection in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Session length:

Sessions for individuals are 50 minutes.  Longer sessions can be requested for an additional fee.  Couples and families can also be 50 minutes, though my experience has been that longer sessions are much more beneficial because it allows everyone time to unpack current events before moving to emotionally focused discussions.  Couples and families have a choice of 50 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute sessions, all at different fees. 

What to expect:

After an initial free 20-minute phone consultation, our first meeting will be at my office where we can discuss your reasons for coming to therapy.  I’ll discuss confidentiality, office policies and do my best to answer any questions you may have.  My deep desire is for you to feel comfortable telling me about the issues that brought you to therapy.  The first few meetings may feel like a “get to know you” experience.  This is normal, and I assure you we will be creating the safety and trust you may therapeutically need.  I usually ask people to come to at least four to five sessions before deciding if they’d like to continue working with me.  It’s crucial for you to comfortably connect with your therapist so you feel safe talking about any and all issues. 

Can I get parent coaching?

I am able to offer parent coaching as part of the therapeutic process upon request.  Often it's helpful to use parent coaching as a way to alleviate anxiety or stress due to issues in the parent/child relationship.  


My fees range from $120-$200 based on session length. I am able to provide a super bill for insurance companies if requested.  Please contact your insurance company to see if they are willing to reimburse personal therapy.